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We create custom games. Serious Games or Entertainment games. The best do both. Learn more about what we could make for you.

Adventure Games

Our own titles are adventure games with a rich ambience, engaging story and exciting gameplay. Click here for our entertainment titles.

Card & Board Games

Physical games bring people together to create lasting memories. Check out our titles, or contact us if you'd like to see your idea come to life.

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For our own games and our custom games, we aim to create experiences that pull you in and don’t let go. Our projects boast immersive stories, captivating artwork and rewarding game mechanics. On all major platforms.

About Alterego Games

Since 2014, Alterego Games has been delivering experiences to the busy gamer. To people that just want to wind down and relax after a long day at work.
We give players a digital alter ego in our story driven and ambient games.

For clients we’ve created custom games for VR, AR, Sports, Simulation, Training, multiplayer-touchscreen games and did so for all kinds of hardware and software.

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