Preparation of T13 is underway.

We are still live!
We have survived a 120 hour long gamejam. Normal Gamejams last for a day, or a weekend, and are creative outbursts in which new game concepts are developed. You start early, you end late. You don’t sleep and you live on coffee and take-away meals.  A weekend-game jam is tough.  Doing it for a week long has been utterly exhausting, but incredible fun.
Sneaky Mammoth, Lunar Brothers and Alterego Games banded together and we made a story driven game called Bloodstreet 13, based on a true story.

Kantoor Alterego Games Hilversum

Besides sleeping under our desks, the great takeaway of Hilversums “the chinese muur”,  we’ve also made one hell of a game. We’ll write more about in on our ‘entertainment page. Check out the trailer below!

Here is an interview by XGN where they interviewed all of us. Headsup: We are dead tired and do walking dead interpretations. Its a miracle our scentences make any sense. Check out the link for the complete text (in Dutch).