We’re online!
After lots of designing, coding, writing and hard work in general, the new website is completed.
Every part of the website was updated, but the biggest change is to the content we showcase. Even the most recent project on our old website was over two years old.

Its true that a lot of what we do is confidential work for our clients, but there is still lots of stuff that we can show and we’re happy to do so. Like the work on Dominios, ChangeTheGames.org, and a 360 tour of our office we show at our Applied page, or the Wizard VR prototype and T13 that now boast trailers at our Entertainment page. And there are new profile pictures of the Team at the new About us page, and we’ll be adding more soon.

Also, how good of you that you are visiting our News & Updates page! While your here, why not check out some of our older posts you might have missed?

If there is anything you want to let us know, feel free to contact us!

The Alterego Team