About us

Games for the after work-gamer

Since 2014, Alterego Games has been delivering experiences to the busy gamer that wants to wind down for the evening or weekend. We give players a digital alter ego. Alterego Games is an indie team that develops adventure games perfect for losing yourself in. Our games focus on ambience, mystery and story. We are the creators of the thrilling Bloodstreet 13 the mysterious Woven and the psychological horror adventure: Sanity of Morris. 
We have lots of stories to tell and are excited to be working on our latest title, City of Springs a steampunk adventure game where you fight a cruel system enforced by the Queens robots.

The studio has developed and published for all major platforms, including Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, 5, Xbox One and Xbox X|S!

Games for companies

The team brings the same enthusiasm when it comes to working with companies that wish for a custom-made game or digital experience.
We’ve created VR, AR, Sports, Simulation, Training, multiplayer-touchscreen games and are used to developing for all kinds of hardware, sometimes working as the extension of our clients own development team. 
Creating vivid and engaging experiences for these companies provides us with the chance to combine their wishes and goals with our creativity and skillset, bringing years of game development and design to the table.

Contact us to learn more about the experience we could create for you.

discord.gg/FSxvQMh  – come say hello on Discord!

Interested in joining the team? Check out our jobs and Internships page.

The Team

Matthijs Kramer
Co-Founder Alterego Games
Project manager
Visual Game Designer

Matthijs is one of the founders of Alterego Games. With a passion for branching narratives in games, he emphasizes player choice in the games he designs. His expertise in the field of psychology enables him to conceptualize games to affect people on a personal level. As visual gamedesigner and project manager at Alterego Games, he creates user friendly user interfaces and shader based solutions to help the team out, always striving to make each individual project into a product that coherently fits together.

Dominic de Graaf
Co-Founder Alterego Games
Lead Developer
Game Designer

As one of the founders of Alterego Games Dominic has taken the role of Lead Programmer and Game Designer. His background in User Experience Design allows him to develop products where the programming is completely invisible to the customer. Programming should never interfere with the overall experience. His love for creating worlds has made him an expert in simulation and world building systems. He focuses on the creative process of game development while keeping an eye out for optimization at all times.

Vincent da Silva
Co-founder Alterego Games
Lead Developer
3D Artist

Vincent is one of the senior programmers at Alterego games. His experience as a freelancer turned him into the company’s code guru. His efficient approach to problem solving allows him to not only be flexible but also swift in his delivery. He also harbours a talent for 3D art. His broad interests in the field of game design allows him to pitch in to pretty much anything. Be it art, audio or programming.

Rob Verhoef

Originally, Rob started as an intern at Alterego Games, joining the company after his graduation as a game developer in 2017. As a programmer Rob doesn’t shy away from diving headfirst into big projects or new technologies such as AR or VR. Mobile or pc, multi or single player, serious or entertainment game, Rob will happily code away. Whenever he can he’ll try to share the interesting programming techniques he picked up along the way.

Lennart Kuyvenhoven

After graduation HKU, Lennart started to combine his passion for Gamedev and Gamedesign into his position at Alterego Games where he’s currently mastering C#, wrestling Unity, and kicking general gamedev butts all around. He loves working with and in VR, and bring games to life. 


Mart van Saane

“If it has a graphical output, I can make it work.” Is Mart’s motto. If he’s not out winning trophies on his trial motorbike, he’s creating a hyper performative renderer or working his magic on backend systems. At Alterego Games, Mart is a meticulous team-oriented Game Developer who gives it his all to minmax every project he works on and hopes to one day invent something which will be taught at universities all over the world.

Kevin Van As

Kevin is an energetic and motivated “Hagenees” living in Woerden, with a passion and Bachelor in Game Design. Kevin likes to go outside for a walk or bikeride but also likes to slam a drumkit when he’s not playing some of his favorite games like Starcraft 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee or Magic the Gathering. Next to playing games he loves to create his own and strives to one day be part of a team that creates a game with a metacritic score of 90 or higher.

Marc Marselje

Coming from an art school, Marc already mastered the art of photography. So when he discovered the art of game development, he found a new thing to master. Coming from a self-taught background, Marc is eager to learn about new things, and he will accept any problem thrown at him. Marc enjoys any form of art with a unique perspective. His ambition is to one day create an art piece known to the wider audience.


Jos van Zoelen
3D Artist

Besides being technically brilliant, Jos is an amazing 3D designer as well, taking a narrative approach to prop-design that is unrivaled. Every piece of art to be placed in the game is a chance to tell a part of the story. At Alterego Games Jos has helped to set up the entire 3D workflow and has an important role in the 3D team, making sure everyone has a chance to benefit from his expansive know-how. A real team player.

Kim Klooster
2D Artist

Kim is a 2D artist. She started drawing and painting when she was young but as she got older she also discovered her interest in technology. She still prefers art over technology but she wanted to find a way to combine the two and that’s how she ended up doing game art. Currently she is mainly focused on creating User Interfaces for games while providing powerful concept art to the team.

Robot Johanna

Want to be a pro in C# or to be in 2D or 3D, and looking for an internship? Check out the Jobs & Internships page here.


Robot Billy
VR system

Want to be a pro in C# or to be in 2D or 3D, and looking for an internship? Check out the Jobs & Internships page here.


The Family

Charlotte Schuitemaker

Since none of the team really understand the intricate ways of web design and HTML coding, we have Charlotte to save the day. Impressed by our great website? 99% of it is her doing.

Ziggy Leidelmeyer

Ziggy is the dependable music and media dude. In need of some bombastic orchestra? Done! How about some 80s synthwave, no problem. Maybe a cool trailer or video to hype up a new release? Sure thing! Making things that fit is what Ziggy feels is most important. Always thinking of how the end result will turn out, he likes to keep searching until he finds the perfect puzzle piece that fits.