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We specialize in crafting bespoke gaming experiences tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s educational board games, team-building card sets, or branded gifts for special occasions like Christmas, we bring your vision to life.

Our team combines creativity and strategic game design for the best result.

Here you can check out the memorable tabletop experiences we’ve created so far for entertainment purposes.

Our Card Games

Alterego Games card games

Dragons & Damsels

Fast-paced & Hilarious

The king is in dire need! His coffers are running empty and that damned daughter of his has yet to be married off to some rich nobleman. The time has come for a father and king to take a stand! There will be a tournament for his daughter’s hand! Let the brawling begin and let’s get this thing over with….

In Dragons and Damsels everyone participates in the great tournament to determine the fate of the poor princess… Including the princess herself! She won’t stand idly by while some brute kills another brute and wins her hand in marriage, no! She has donned her armor, taken up the sword herself and secretly is one of the competitors in the tournament.

Dragon and Damsels is the second Intrigo game by Alterego Games and currently undergoing final testing.

Mutineers of the Seven Seas

Tense & Exciting
In Mutineers of the Seven Seas players get the chance to gather and get into the role of one of the scumbag pirates of the ship: The Leaky Dutchman. Can the buccaneers, faithful to the captain, see how the mutineers are hinting at each other? Can the Mutineers reach their victims quiet enough and in time?

Mutineers of the Seven Seas is thrilling to play and offers a unique experience every time. The game can be instructed easily to other players and is developed for groups of 7 and larger. Perfect for a night of fun and laughs with friends, family, birthdays or other occasion.

Mutineers of the Seven Seas is the first intrigue game by Alterego Games in a line of Intrigo Games. It is currently out in the Netherlands. Find it in your local game store.

Heroes & Villains

Calculating & Fun
New Rotham is a city full of crime and mischief, the perfect place for Heroes and Villains to make a difference. The league of Evil and the League of Justice fight each other for control of the city. But in some Villains, a little bit of Good remains while in some Heroes, a small amount of Evil slumbers. Villains and Heroes may need each other’s help to finish their own goals.

Each player chooses three powers and together they form a team of junior heroes. Over the course of the game players receive three hidden goals for either Evil or Justice, defining your characters hidden allegiance. The team who finishes all their goals first, wins.

Heroes and Villains is the Third installment in the Intrigo series and is currently in development.

Our Board Games

Alien Rescue Box

Alien Rescue

Race through Space
In this game you race against each other to save Aliens from certain extinction.

Transport as many Aliens as you can to the safety of the mothership, before the entire solar system is swallowed by the black hole.

Invent new technology, discover useful resources on planets and use the advantages gained from explorations, to speed up your rescue mission.

You earn points for each Alien that you rescue. The player with the most points wins the game.

Heart of the forest Box

Heart of the forest

Save the Forest
In this cooperative board game, players, embodying different creatures, must unite to collect five apples and offer them at the shrine of the forest goddess before darkness consumes the entire woodland.

As shadows threaten the forest, players draw compass and shadow cards, strategically activating creations and taking actions to gather resources, explore, and cleanse shadows. Trading resources, assisting fellow creatures, and preventing the spread of shadows are crucial for success.

The game revolves around teamwork, strategic planning, and resource management to overcome the impending darkness and achieve a common goal.

Paws & Claws Box

Paws & Claws

Cats will be Cats
Unleash your inner feline and claw your way to victory in this purrfectly strategic board game!

Expand your territory, hone your hunting skills, and engage in epic cat fights to earn victory points and prove you’re the top cat.

Will you be the one to claim the title of the ultimate feline champion?

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