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Celebrate 10 years of Alterego Games

For us, it is a time to celebrate that Alterego Games has hit a milestone that’s not project-related but studio-related this time. Ten years of collaboration with clients, supporting fellow game studios in their projects and creating our adventure games for PlayStation Xbox, Switch, Mac and PC

New Team Composition!

Group foto 2024
We kick the year off with a change in our new team composition. Familiar faces, new team. We had two developers leave, plus a change in management. We also had a familiar face return to the party!

Rob Talk: Joining AEG & AR

Rob Verhoef

Hello! I’m Rob, the first full-time employee of Alterego Games and this is my very first blog post! As a game developer at Alterego my job consists of programming games and apps, designing mechanics, testing our games and doing research…

We’ve got a new Employee!

Jaapie our roomba robot cleaner

Introducing Jaapie! Our very much appreciated new member of the team.He doesn’t create bugs, he doesn’t mess up his textures, he eats only what we leave behind and he’s very quiet during the day. He’s perfect.He’s a vacuum cleaning robot,…

Escape the Office

Developers in escape room Alterego Games

Today two of our teammembers were saying goodbye, and we decided to give them a good sendoff. Rogier van der Helm is a gamedesigner and projectmanager with considerable escape room experience on his resumé (he had a big hand in…

Two become Three

De drie eigenaren van Alterego Games in 2017

It’s been a long time coming. Our one and only full time developerat Alterego Games has stopped his own freelance company and merged with us asone of the heads of the company! After over 15 years of freelancing, Vincentfound his…

We’re Moving… Again!

New Office Alterego Games 2017

It’s only been half a year on Kwekerijweg 2C, and we’ve had another Moving Day, again already now.We’ll have to prepare for a long journey, as we are moving all our PC’s, files, desks, lamps and plants from Kwekerijweg 2C,…

It’s Moving Day!

Old office Alterego Games

Today we could announce the happy news to the team; no work today. No endless lines of code, no artwork to make, no android builds to build.No, not today.Today everybody gets to haul boxes and cram furniture into the van!…