Celebrate 10 years of Alterego Games


It is time to celebrate that Alterego Games has hit a milestone 🎉 (that’s not project-related but studio-related this time!). Ten years of collaboration with other businesses, supporting fellow game studios in their projects and creating our adventure games for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Mac and PC.

Because we wanted to mark the event, we decided it was high time for a website update. An updated portfolio with a selection of our serious games, & applied projects. And an updated section showcasing Our Games: Woven, Sanity of Morris, and the latest addition City of Springs, which should see release this year.

As our studio wraps up the development cycle of our latest title, we’re knee-deep into the prototype phase of our fourth title. Therefore it’s worth keeping an eye on our social media channels or joining our discord for more news on that one.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to thank everyone who’s been supporting us these past years, the Dutch indie dev community at the Dutch Game Garden or DGI Slack, all our (ex)co-workers, the schools we’ve been in collaboration with, the clients that trusted us to build their products, and everyone that has a copy of Woven on Switch, played Sanity of Morris, or enjoyed any of our other titles. Because we couldn’t have done it without them. No really. We couldn’t have. ❤️

Here’s to Another Ten Years

We’re determined to make the next ten years just as memorable, with our commitment to delivering powerful narrative experiences for after-work and creating powerful game-shaped tools for our clients. 

Stay connected, have a great week, and please play lots of indie games!