Exciting New Project: City of Springs

Exciting New Project: City of Springs

Hey ya’ll!

Time has flown by since our last post. But we wanted to write a quick update.  The team is still working hard from our office in Zeist, Netherlands. We’re close to celebrating Christmas with the office (awfull christmas sweaters here we come!) and we’re working hard on several exciting projects. One of those is City of Springs, our next adventure game.

We’ve been working on City of Springs for quite a while now, done quite a bit of playtesting with the community aswell and are very happy with the progress so far. This will be our best adventure title so far for sure!

City of Springs is a Gearpunk adventure game where you explore the last city on earth and craft & modify your own robot drones, to fight off a cruel regime.

World Discovery

Explore- Galvanise – Rebel

Unfold the engaging story by exploring the last city on earth and doing quests that galvanise its people to rebel against oppression.
City of springs offers a unique post-apocalyptic environment filled with spring-powered steampunk machines that seem to control and police a Victorian styled city.


Build Bots  – Brawl –  Strategize

Fight against mighty robots that send their drones into battle, while you do the same with your handcrafted spring-powered bots.
This strategic high paced brawler game will get your adrenaline pumping as you try to build the best combinations of bots to overwhelm your opponent.
Each opponent has its own fighting style and surprise moves to keep you on your toes.


Observe – Calculate – Sneak

Being “unregistered” in the city restricts your access to all government areas. Stealing classified documents from the desk of a minister will require different skills then just brute force.
Pairing this with giant trigger-happy robots standing guard, makes stealth essential to completing some of your missions. Stealth will require timing, observing the surroundings and calculated movement.

Our new website for this game is up here.

And be sure to wishlist the game on Steam!