Interns Talk: Influence of AR and VR in the game industry

Interns Talk: Influence of AR and VR in the game industry

Welcome to Interns Talk. The moment we let our interns show off some of the stuff we’ve been teaching them to make. Enjoy!

Hello! My name is Claudia and I’m an intern at Alterego Games. I study IT: Game Development at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

As an intern I worked on multiple projects at Alterego which were extremely fun to do! Other than working on game projects I also had to write a research report for school about the influence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the game industry. 

A good couple of weeks were spent on writing this research report. While very interesting it was a demanding task nonetheless.

Like I said the report is about VR’s and AR’s influence on the game industry. In this report I focused on a couple of things. First I took a step back and dove in the history of the game industry as well as the history of VR and AR. I did research about the time when VR and AR got big within the industry and what the cause was. Last but not least, I focused on the newer generation games and what impact VR and AR will have on that.

As a true believer of VR and AR being the future of gaming it was very interesting to research this topic.

I’ll add the document for anyone who’s interested in reading my research!

Thanks for reading,