New Team Composition!

We kick the year off with a change in our new team composition. Familiar faces, new team.

Group foto 2024
Group foto 2024

New Team

One of our developers was offered the chance of a lifetime (working as a game design manager at Total Mayhem games, good luck Kevin!). Another left the company for the chance to work abroad (We wish him lots of scones with cream in the UK!).
Because we had to say goodbye to some faces, we also had a chance to say hello to others, and we had an old face rejoining the party. Peter Verzijl was once a senior developer at Alterego Games. After several years of kicking ass teaching game development, he’s back in action at Alterego Games to work on our new projects and tackle any technical difficulties Unity throws our way.

We also had a big change in management. Dominic took a step back from the company to return to doing what he really loves most; building games. He’s going solo and even created a YouTube channel for people to follow his journey. We wish him well and are devoted subscribers ourselves.
Furthermore, Vincent stepped down as managing director, so he could have more time within the company to devote to Game Design and creating Board & Cardgames.
That leaves the company in the hands of one CEO instead of three. There is now more to do for one person, but also more focus while doing it.

Old Team

The core of the team is still very familiar. We have Kim rocking on 2D Art and Narrative Concept Design. Jos is our 3D mastermind who has created art for Woven, SoM and City of Springs. Vincent & Cedric are our power duo when it comes to Game Design and game development. Meanwhile, Matt takes care of the management and narrative design.
They are joined by Peter, and two new interns for this period.

We’re starting this year with a new entertainment project and a new applied games project, and we’re very excited to see what 2024 will bring.


The Alterego Team