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Adventure game: City of springs

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These are our in house adventure games. The games that pull you in and don’t let go. Featuring story-driven gameplay, unique soundtracks and full voice acting, they are powerfull but short experience for the after-work or after-study gamer that just wants to wind down and relax with a good game. Most of these games are already out on various platforms, so go check them out!

Logo City of Springs

City of springs

Design and build drones to take down a corrupt regime and their army of clockwork robots! Sneak and fight your way through the city of Riveton to inspire the people to rise up for their freedom in this steampunk action adventure game.

Help the populace in a time where food and water are scarce, finding a smarter way to live.
Fight fire with fire, and fix what’s broken in this clockwork city.

Logo Sanity of Morris

Sanity of Morris

Sanity of Morris: a psychological horror adventure game. Your flashlight reveals the clues you need to stay sane in the search for your father. Discover the truth. Could aliens be real?

After years of next to no contact, Johnathan Morris arrives in the isolated town of Greenlake to check up on the mental state of his father. Nothing is as he expected it to be. There are deadly forces at work that don’t want John snooping around.
It is up to you to step into the shoes of Johnathan and tell fact from fiction.

This game was  published by Stickylock.

Logo Woven


Explore a woollen world where stuffed animals once lived in peace. Search for hidden secrets and customize your character with different animal shapes to solve puzzles. An epic adventure with two very unlikely heroes and a story narrated in rhyme.

You play as Stuffy, a well-meaning but rather clumsy stuffed animal that wanders the world alone. Quickly you discover Glitch, a metal firefly that has lost its memory and identity.

You set out to explore a world made out of fabric, where stuffed animals once lived in peace. Everything appears to be well at first glance, but the world is not all it seems to be…

This game was  published by Stickylock.

Logo Bloodstreet 13

The True Tales of Bloodstreet 13 - Chapter 1

The True Tales of Bloodstreet 13 blend history with fiction in this detective adventure game.
Replay the scene from multiple perspectives, play out the choices of each character and uncover what happened.

You follow detective Deacon Darnell as he tries to reconstruct the scene and solve the case of the horrific night on Bloodstreet 13. On that night a group of people got locked in a brothel with no means to escape.

Who or what was responsible for the horror that took place that night?

This game is the result of a gamejam in collaboration with Sneaky Mammoth & Lunar Brothers. 

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