Release Date Woven

Release date revealed: The undoing of the cute woollen world will commence November the 15th. And will do so on Linux as well!


Friday the 15th of November Woven will be released on all the above platforms.  Timing may differ per country per platform. We’ll make a schedule available once we have time to puzzle out all the timezones, but Friday is the day, and the 15th is the date.

We envisioned Woven as being the ultimate chill-out-on-the-couch adventure game with laidback gameplay supported by a great soundtrack, colourful look and super cute creatures. Four weeks from now, our vision will go out in the world and you’ll all be able to play the game.

In Woven you’ll go out to adventure and explore a world made of fabric. A world where stuffed animals once lived in peace. Everything in Woven appears to be well at first glance, but you are warned, the colourful world is not all it seems to be. 

Gameplay Trailer

To celebrate the news, we’ve also released the gameplay trailer. Now all you guys and gals can see a bit more about what we’ve cooked up. Feel free to share it around, as that really helps the studio, and the game! 

Thanks you all

We thank you all for sticking with the project this long. We hope you are all as excited as we are. We are also happy Dominic managed to get the game stable on Linux. We know there are so many in our community that were attracted to Woven as a Linux title in the first place. Sorry we made you sweat guys! 

Don’t forget you can join us on Discord and ask us anything.  We’ve uploaded a FAQ  on there. Also it will be a cool place to share screenshots of your unique Stuffy once you get the game!  

Alterego Team out!