Woven – Gameplay

Woven – Gameplay update

Gameplay Update

If you missed the news, we are working hard on developing Woven with the help of a Publisher.
It’s been a while since the pre-alpha demo and some parts of the games have been changed quite a lot. The big picture is still the same though;  explore a woollen world, find new fabrics and find new shapes for the stuffed animal: Stuffy, all while you enjoy the story in rhyme.
We’ve also added lots of new stuff, and changed some things around.  So here is a quick update on some of the gameplay features that have a prominent role in the game, WITH some brand-new screenshots and artwork!

Blueprint Machines

Previously, you could encounter creatures just like Stuffy, scan them, and then Glitch would make a blueprint for you. Well this has changed!
There are many new animal shapes in Woven, but the only way to get a new shape is by finding and unlocking a blueprint machine.
As in the demo, each animal-shape will have their own skillset, so keep an eye out for these machines, as they will give you more options in the game.

Hidden Dangers

You’d be surprised how many hidden dangers a ‘safe’ woollen world can harbour! Those of you that have played the demo know the gameplay is not all softness and wool. There are metal machines about. Spotting, recognizing and getting past these dangers is a very important part of the game. Sometimes it comes down to being quick, at other times you’ll have to be creative.

Creating these dangers has been a real design challenge. We didn’t want to bog down Wovens relaxed play-style with frightening jumpscares; that’s not the game we want to make! But we did want certain areas in the game where Stuffy would have to walk on his proverbial toes. We think you’ll like what we’ve cooked up.

Secret Caves

New and important, hidden caves are scattered all over the world. They will be difficult to find, but will reward you with beautiful hand sculpted cave drawings that tell a whole story of their own. Finding theses caves isn’t necessary to complete the game, but will certainly add to your knowledge of the Woven word in a way you might not have expected.

That’s it for this update. Questions about the gameplay? Feeling the hype yet? Don’t hesitate to join our Discord channel and flood us with your questions or just random talks.

Alterego Team out!