Woven is Happening

Woven is Happening

Woven, it is happening!

Woven; our unique adventure game where a seemingly safe woollen world is actually being threatened by metal insects. (Shush, spoilers!). The game that lets you puzzle and explore your way through a rhyming story by changing the body parts of your hopelessly clumsy main character, is being developed full time by our studio. Right now.

The time is now

Ever since the Kickstarter in 2016 we’ve been developing Woven at a slow but steady pace.
And as you know, slow and steady wins the race. Usually.
But this was taking too long. So at the start of 2019 we made the decision that if we want to develop Woven, this is the year to do it, making it the studios main focus.
With our own funds, spare time and lots of effort the studio’s small team developed the game up to the halfway mark, and then set out to find a publisher.

Publisher found.

We found them, or better, they found us.
StickyLock, a Dutch publisher with lots of tech and game experience will help us publish the game while bestowing full creative freedom to the Alterego team.
Together we want to bring something unique to the gaming world. Combining the quirkiness of an stubborn indie-developer with the experience of an established publisher and multiplatform launch!

And now?

All the actual game levels are now in place, recordings for game narration have begun, puzzles and content are being developed every day, while also working on cinematic cameras shots to augment both ambiance and storytelling.

While making the best game we can is our main focus, we’ll also try to regularly show what we’re creating. We’ll are opening our official Discord channel (feel welcome!), and show content through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with the odd newsletter in between.

With the launch of our trailer soon, we’ll also be able to make some pretty mind-boggling news about all our plans for Woven.

Switch release anyone?

Alterego Team out.