Woven Launch Success – The Day After

So many people have helped share our message and spread the news and make Woven’s launch a success, so today we want to thank every-single-one of them! 

Considering we launched against games like Pokémon and Star War Fallen Order, we are very happy with the launch so far. It might be one small step for gamer-kind, but a is a big step for our studio.   
Reactions have been very positive, with Switch players especially seeming to love the game.

With the budget we had for the game, we’ve made an amazing impact; Stuffy has touched so many hearts.

We are very also happy we were given the chance to work alongside the teams of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft for the launch.

We want to share with you some of the wonderful reviews and reactions Woven has received.

Switch Review by SwitchUp:

Xbox review by Life Is Xbox:

Review: Woven The Game

Hilarious video by Youtuber Fandaman1:

Woven will have a 15% discount on Steam for six more days, so if you want to pick up the game, better use that discount.
Steamstore link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/504690