Woven out Now

Woven Out Now!

We announced the game in May. Today we are proud to tell you that for the majority of the world and platforms, Woven is out now on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch.*

* USA will have to wait for a couple of hours for Switch and Xbox release, Steam and PS4 should be online by now

Thank you all!

We want to thank everyone. Those that just discovered the game, and those that have been waiting three years for the game to come out.
We hope you have the time to enjoy the game today or else play it this weekend.
As a studio, we’ll strive to create many more stories for you to enjoy.

And where our journey comes to a close, yours has just begun. You can now start to unravel the mystery of the world of Woven!

Share, Watch & Play!

Want to help the Alterego Team out today? Head to our Twitter or FB account and retweet or share our ‘Out Now’ message!
Or maybe head into the game, Customize your Stuffy, and share a screenshot with us @woventhegame or #WovenTheGame!
Also, visit to the Steam Stream, where there’s a video of us playing the game and commenting on it with all sorts of behind-the-scenes secrets.

And last but not least: leave a positive review on Steam. They really help other people discover the game and they are essential for the team.

On Steam only, there is a 15% discount this week to celebrate the launch, so better make good use of that and head to Steam!

Want to talk? Join the Discord. We’ll be up late today to answer any questions you might have.